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    Agency or contract work offers flexibility and freedom,

    while maximising your take home pay.


  • So what makes

    Gabem different?

    We’ve been around for over 15 years
    Over 2.5 million contractor payments.

  • Where efficiency

    meets compliance

    Over 600 recruitment agencies every week

    engage Gabem contractors.

“Compliant, hassle-free contracting” 

“Many thanks to all at Gabem for your help and support”.
“Few companies in this day and age care for the individual in such a superb manner”.
“Your staff are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly”.
Gabem at Danbro
Jubilee House, East Beach
Lytham, Lancashire, FY8 5FT


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Email: enquiries@danbro.co.uk

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Registered address:  Jubilee House, East Beach, Lytham, Lancashire  FY8 5FT