The deadline for the first employment intermediary report to HMRC has now passed, and many of our agencies got in touch to request our assistance in compiling their return.

If you missed the 5th August deadline, we can produce retrospective data for the first quarter. HMRC have warned that stiff penalties for late and non filing will be swiftly imposed, so act now.

HMRC’s deadline for the second quarter is 5th November covering the period 6th July to 5th October.

Gabem  isn’t required to do any reporting because we apply PAYE to all worker payments. However, if you are not already aware, we provide a free service to our agency clients by producing and sending weekly reports with all the required data.

What’s more the file we use is in CSV format and adheres to the specification of HMRC’s submission file, so it is simply a case of copying it into your HMRC report and adding the information for workers who are not employed by Gabem. (Indeed if Gabem is your only supplier all you need to do is add your company header and upload our file straight to HMRC!)

Going forward if you would like to opt in to this service, and receive weekly data reports, please do not hesitate to contact us.