• No Nonsense

    Agency or contract work offers flexibility and freedom,

    while maximising your take home pay.


  • So what makes

    Gabem different?

    We’ve been around for over 15 years
    Over 2.5 million contractor payments.

  • Where efficiency

    meets compliance

    Over 600 recruitment agencies every week

    engage Gabem contractors.

All the flexibility of temporary work
combined with the benefits of employment.

  • Maximise your take home pay
  • Efficient, friendly support from our experienced team
  • Minimal paperwork, especially if you choose to use our online portal
  • Qualify for statutory employment benefits
  • Reasonable margins and no hidden charges
  • Easy quick set up by phone or online
  • Relationships with most UK recruiters so you can take us with you wherever you are working

The Nitty-Gritty

  • You become an employee of Gabem, with your PAYE tax and NIC taken care of each time you are paid
  • You can claim your business expenses to increase your take home pay, if eligible
  • Gabem retains a weekly margin of £22 (equates to £11-13 of take home pay depending on your tax circumstances)
  • You qualify for statutory employment benefits such as SSP, SMP and SPP
  • You are fully covered by Gabem’s Public and Employers’ Liability insurance and also Professional Indemnity insurance if it is required
  • You can take advantage of our comprehensive Personal Accident cover for just £2.75 per week with an option to extend to 24 hour cover
  • You are automatically enrolled into an approved pension scheme 3 months from the date you join
  • You get paid by same-day bank transfer at no extra charge and get free text message notifications when we pay you and when we process your expenses
  • Electronic PAYE payment records each time you are paid and end-of-year documents provided via our online portal

Gabem Umbrella Light

  • An alternative to Gabem Umbrella for employees on an hourly rate of between £8.05 – £8.49 (these rates can be accommodated in the majority of cases)
  • A reduced weekly margin of £10 (equates to £5.98 of take home pay depending on your tax circumstances)
  • No ability to claim expenses
  • Electronic payment records and end of year documents
  • All the other benefits of Gabem Umbrella detailed above
  • If your next assignment is at a higher rate, easy upgrade to the full Umbrella contract