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Why claim expenses?


Don’t throw money away – claim it!

A big benefit of working through the Gabem Umbrella company is being able to claim legitimate expenses.

Every pound you claim could increase the amount of your take home pay by a minimum of 40p. 


Simply submit the Gabem expense form with supporting receipts and see the difference.


Keep it Legitimate

HMRC states that:

‘Expenses must be incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of your duties’. 

We take this seriously because we have your interests at heart – we don’t want you to get on the wrong side of HMRC or become liable for extra tax.


What expenses can you claim?

[wp_colorbox_media url=”#mileage” type=”inline” hyperlink=”Mileage:”] You may claim a mileage allowance if you use your own vehicle for travelling to and from work.

[wp_colorbox_media url=”#travel” type=”inline” hyperlink=”Travel:”] Other travel costs incurred in the process of carrying out your duties.

[wp_colorbox_media url=”#food” type=”inline” hyperlink=”Food:”] If you are at work for a certain number of hours you may be able to claim meal expenses.

[wp_colorbox_media url=”#awayhome” type=”inline” hyperlink=”Staying away from home:”] You can claim for this if you are staying away from your normal permanent address in the course of your work.

[wp_colorbox_media url=”#toolsclothes” type=”inline” hyperlink=”Tools and Clothing:”] You can claim for industrial tools and safety wear that is solely for your use at work.

[wp_colorbox_media url=”#telephones” type=”inline” hyperlink=”Telephone (fixed line or mobile):”] You can claim specifically for business calls, not private calls or line rental

[wp_colorbox_media url=”#profes” type=”inline” hyperlink=”Professional Associations:”] If you belong to a professional body you may find that your fees and subscriptions are allowable legitimate expenses.

[wp_colorbox_media url=”#agencyexp” type=”inline” hyperlink=”Agency Expenses:”] Gabem Umbrella employees can claim these, but only once – either through the agency or Gabem

[wp_colorbox_media url=”#otherexp” type=”inline” hyperlink=”Other Expenses:”] If there are other expenses to which you think you might be entitled, contact HMRC.


You may claim a mileage allowance if you use your own vehicle for travelling to and from work.

You can claim on our online portal or by completing a Gabem expense form.

You must provide fuel receipts for the fuel used. These receipts should be sufficient to cover the number of miles you claim (as a guide, you’ll need receipts for about £15 for every 100 miles claimed).

The receipt should be dated not more than a month before the date travelled. All petrol stations provide VAT receipts if you ask for them.

  • Mileage allowances for cars and vans is paid at 45p per mile. For miles above 10,000 in the tax year, 20p of the 45p per mile is subject to income tax but there is still a big saving because there is no National Insurance on this amount
  • A lower rate of mileage allowance is paid for motorcycles, currently 24p per mile
  • You can even claim mileage for riding a bicycle to work, and that is currently 20p per mile
  • As well as fuel, mileage allowance covers licence and insurance, servicing, tyres, spare parts etc.
  • For Gabem Umbrella employees, as proof of ownership, we may ask for a copy of your registration document when you claim mileage.
  • Note that if you drive a company vehicle and you pay for the fuel, the mileage allowance is variable. Please contact us for further details.


Other travel costs that can usually be claimed (with receipts) are: Ferry costs, Bus Tickets, Taxi Fares, Tube and Train Tickets, Parking Costs, Plane Tickets, Toll Charges, Congestion Charges

If you travel in London and use an Oyster card, please note that top-up receipts are not acceptable, you must send us a copy of your itemised Oyster statement.


If you are away from home for over 5 hours you will be able to claim £5 unreceipted food per day, if you are away from home for over 10 hours, this increases to £10.

You must retain receipts for the days you claim food and if your claim is randomly selected for audit, we will ask you to produce these.

Staying away from home

You can claim for accommodation if you are required to stay away from home overnight in connection with a business journey.

The expenditure must be verified by receipts related to the night of the stay and the amount reimbursed must not exceed £100 per night.

You must provide a receipt which includes the B&B or hotel's name, address and telephone number (preferably a VAT- registered business with the receipt supplied on headed paper).

Tools / Clothing

You may claim for industrial tools that are solely for your use at work and clothing that relates to safety wear (such as fluorescent jackets and steel toe-cap boots).

VAT receipts must be included for these claims.

You may also claim for the cost of laundering protective clothing (with receipts).

Telephone (fixed line or mobile)

You can only claim for business calls, not private calls or rental.

Highlight each business call on your itemised bill and include the original bill (NOT a photocopy) when making an expense claim.

If you use a pay-as-you-go mobile phone and pay top-ups, you must still provide an itemised bill if you wish to claim for business calls.

Professional Associations

If you belong to a professional body, you may find that fees and subscriptions are allowable expenses.

Check if yours is allowable on HMRC's website: www.hmrc.gov.uk/list3/list3.htm

Agency Expenses

If your agency has agreed to reimburse your expenses these may be paid along with your wages, but you must provide all original receipts and a copy of the agency expense log.

Please note expenses can only be claimed once, either through the agency or using the Gabem expense form.

Other Expenses

If there are other expenses to which you think you might be entitled, contact us or HMRC directly.

While Gabem may not be able to process certain other expenses to which you think you might be entitled, you may be able to claim them on your self-assessment tax return.

Either talk to us or contact HMRC directly at www.hmrc.gov.uk - Tel: 0300 200 3300.