• No Nonsense

    Agency or contract work offers flexibility and freedom,

    while maximising your take home pay.


  • So what makes

    Gabem different?

    We’ve been around for over 15 years
    Over 2.5 million contractor payments.

  • Where efficiency

    meets compliance

    Over 600 recruitment agencies every week

    engage Gabem contractors.

How it Works.

You can calculate your take home pay using the Gabem Umbrella Calculator

There are then 10 Easy Steps to being paid through Gabem: 


Step 1

You sign up by phone or online and send us your ID / right to work documents


Step 2

We send you a link to your employment contract by email, which you can accept electronically in one click


Step 3

We sign a contract with your agency or company


Step 4

You submit your timesheet to your agency

(sending us a copy if required) and we invoice them


Step 5

You send us your expense claim and receipts
(or you can submit your mileage and daily food claims via our online portal)


Step 6

Gabem receives payment from your agency or company and matches it against what you have worked


Step 7

The Gabem payroll systems runs a calculation taking into account our margin and the correct tax, NI, holiday pay, pension and expenses


Step 8

We pay you directly into your bank account by same day transfer


Step 9

You receive a notification text message informing you of payment


Step 10

You can immediately access and download  your payment record via our online portal or by clicking the secure link we send you by email