• No Nonsense

    Agency or contract work offers flexibility and freedom,

    while maximising your take home pay.


  • So what makes

    Gabem different?

    We’ve been around for over 15 years
    Over 2.5 million contractor payments.

  • Where efficiency

    meets compliance

    Over 600 recruitment agencies every week

    engage Gabem contractors.

As a temporary worker you have a choice
of how you can get paid.


Gabem Umbrella

Working through Gabem Umbrella makes us your employer. We then contract your services out to the agency or company.
They will usually pay an uplifted rate because they don’t have to cover the costs of employing you.


In addition, through an Umbrella company you can legitimately claim work related expenses to reduce your PAYE tax and NI deductions.


Not only will you have all the statutory benefits of being an employee, you will also be fully covered by Gabem’s insurances.


There are loads of other positives too,


Agency PAYE

You may be able to be employed directly by the recruitment agency or end client company who is engaging you. Nice and Simple.


However … you may receive a lower rate of pay because the agency or company has to cover the costs of employing you. You will also not be able to claim any work-related expenses.


Limited Company

Setting up your own limited company gives you maximum control over your finances. However with that comes a host of associated costs and administration which can eat into your time and your bottom line.


Gabem don’t currently offer a Limited company service, instead we prefer to concentrate on providing a compliant, hassle-free alternative – employment through Gabem Umbrella.